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Audiobook: Jane Eyre

Author: Charlotte Brontë

Narrated by: Juliet Stevenson

Genre: Classic Fiction

Reviewed by: Mary in Newbridge Library

Listening to an audio book is always a different experience to reading the book itself.

After a wretched childhood as an orphan Jane Eyre becomes a teacher in the very school where she has spent most of her childhood. She longs to experience life beyond the school and so she accepts a position as a governess in Thornfield Hall. Through the reading of Juliet Stevenson you can feel the isolation of the hall. Her position is to teach a lively young girl. She quickly falls in love with the somewhat surly, dark and passionate owner of Thornfield. Jane gradually wins his heart and they seem set to marry only for the past to reveal itself in a shocking and tragic manner.

Listening to a well-read audio book can evoke a special sense of atmosphere and this reading of Jane Eyre definitely delivers on that front. I found this totally absorbing. The audiobook really brought the world of Jane Eyre to life and I felt fully transported back in time to the place and era as it all unfolded. I found it a totally captivating listen as the passionate story leads to a satisfactory conclusion.

Available to borrow on Bolinda Borrowbox in both e-book and audiobook format.

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