Adult Non-fiction

The Monk who Sold his Ferrari

Author: Robin Sharma

Genre: Adult Non-Fiction

Reviewed by: Orla

Going through this horrendous time of Coronavirus can be a testing time for many. Anxiety and stress can keep boiling, bubbling and simmering over.  No one can predict what is going to happen next. The future is uncertain. It is imperative we take good care of ourselves. To keep a clear head and stay focused this book helps you to stay on the right path. Its humble message is profound and poignant. 

This book is outstanding in the field of self-help books. Most books of this genre rattle off the same techniques and have a monotonous tone. The backbone of this story is based on a rich New York high-flying lawyer. He led a luxurious life and was spoilt in wealth beyond his wildest dreams. His every whim and fancy were met. But working around the clock began to take a toil on his body and soon found himself in ill health. He suffered a heart attack which forced him to slow down and evaluate his outlook on life. 

Having money at his disposal didn’t mean that he could buy his future and longevity. He sold his Ferrari and began a spiritual journey.  He went looking for the Himalayan gurus. Their location is unknown and hardly anyone can find them but this lawyer claimed he did. The experience turned his life upside down. He became a monk and devoted the rest of his life to tell people to change their life and live a better way. 

The author himself was swamped with legal work as he too was a lawyer. The newfound monk encouraged him to change his ways. Fascinated he penned this work and shared the wisdom the Himalayan gurus gave his friend. This book will help you refocus your thoughts in a positive way and help you to meditate and be grateful for all the small things in your life. It will also help to keep you in optimum health.  Part biography part spiritual this book is a worthwhile read. 

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