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Lots of Online Author Events are Coming Up with Kildare Readers Festival this October

We teased the 12th annual Kildare Readers Festival over the past weekend with a preview of the live events that will be in Riverbank Arts Centre. The committee have put together a stellar line up for you, with a mixture of limited live, in-person events and live online events with bigger capacity. The live and… Continue reading Lots of Online Author Events are Coming Up with Kildare Readers Festival this October

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World Poetry Day 21st March

By Elaine Patterson Yesterday was World Poetry Day, a day to honour poets and poetry and read or write poetry. So to celebrate, why not try reading or listening to some poetry? Or if you’re feeling adventurous, there is a poetry writing course on Universal Class that you can look at and perhaps try. Poetry… Continue reading World Poetry Day 21st March


Michael Mullan 2020 Writing Competition

Post sent in by Maynooth Library Many of our wonderful readers and library users are not just fans of books, some of you love to engage in the many creative writing groups our library service has to offer. We know some of you might be missing these groups and meetings in our libraries so when… Continue reading Michael Mullan 2020 Writing Competition

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T.S. Eliot – The Missing Piece

By: Suzanne, Clocha Rince Library Photograph of T.S. Eliot and Emily Hale in Dorset, Vermont, Summer 1946 Image taken from On Thursday 2nd January this year, the long-awaited love letters from the great poet T.S. Eliot to scholar and muse Emily Hale were unveiled at Princeton University Library.  The Nobel laureate’s correspondence to Hale… Continue reading T.S. Eliot – The Missing Piece