Book reviews and recommendations, Children 10-12

The Soup Movement

Author: Ben Davis Genre:  Children’s Fiction suitable for 10 plus Review by: Orla O’ Brien, Kildare Town Library  Synopsis: When Jordan finally gets invited to go to the chippy with the cool kids, he feels stupid carrying around a flask of mum's wholesome soup. He decides instead to give it to a homeless man called Harry. It's this… Continue reading The Soup Movement

Behind the Books

Maynooth Library Easter Holidays Creative Writing Competition for Ages 10- 12 – Winning Entry

Maynooth Library hosted an Easter Holidays Creative Writing Competition for Ages 7-12 and was overwhelmed by the exceptional talent on display in the entries. The winning story from the 10-12 category is the immersive Fantasy ‘Spirit of Spring’ by Tiago aged 12 years old.  Spirit of Spring A long time ago, there was a boy… Continue reading Maynooth Library Easter Holidays Creative Writing Competition for Ages 10- 12 – Winning Entry

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A Pinch Of Magic

Author: Michelle Harrison Reviewed by: Aisling Kelly, Maynooth Library Betty Widdershins and her two sisters Fliss & Charlie livein Crowstone, a bleak and oppressive Island surrounded by marshes, grey skies and muddy waters. They live with their cranky grandmother at their family owned pub “ThePoachers Pocket”. Betty is determined that there is moreto the world… Continue reading A Pinch Of Magic

Children 10-12

Orphans of the Tide

Author: Struan Murray Genre: Children's Fiction ages 10-12 Review by: Elaine A fantasy book for ages 10 plus. The inventive, unique setting is well crafted with very strong mythology and well developed characters. Struan Murray has also put an unusual twist on the adversary. Children will find it difficult to put this fast-paced, absorbing book… Continue reading Orphans of the Tide