Spring Into Storytime

Spring Into Storytime With Kildare Libraries

Join Kildare Libraries for Spring into Storytime this April & May keep an eye out on our social media channels for loads of stories, events and programmes.

Rua’s Tips For Reading Together

It’s never too early to start reading to your child…even from birth. A child who is read to will grow up loving books and wanting to learn to read.

Did you know that reading to your preschool child . . .develops their early literacy skills and helps them prepare for learning to read once they reach primary school helps them develop their listening skills and increase their attention span helps them develop an interest in books and to see reading as a fun activity gives them an opportunity to explore their ideas and feelings with you improves their social skills and their understanding of the world helps foster their creativity and curiosity is a special time for you both… and now Rua’s tips.

  • Pick a time when you are not stressed or under pressure and find a comfortable and quiet
    place to read together.
  • Before you start to read talk about the title and the cover picture – ask your child what they think the story could be about?
  • As you read, discuss the pictures and the story with your child. Put your finger under the words as you read to give your child the idea of linking words with sounds.
  • Young children love to hear the same stories over and over. Encourage your child to say any of the lines they remember at the right time – this is an important first step for reading.
  • To help them stay interested in books as they grow up, keep on reading aloud to your child as long you both enjoy it. Have fun Reading Together!

Storytime Videos

The Silent Owl by Clemency Pearce
That’s Not Funny by Jeanne Willis
I’m The Best by Lucy Cousins
Leigh’s Viking Storytime
Cuil Bheag le Michael Rosen
That’s Not Funny by Jeanne Willis
The Very Brave Bear by Rick Bland
There’s A Snake In My School by Davis Walliams
The Enormous Turnip by Tony Ross
The Lost Words by Robert McFarlane & Jackie Morris
Jenny An Chearc Bheag Dhonn le Dolores Keaveney