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Book Review: 99% Mine

Title: 99% Mine

Author: Sally Thorne

Genre: Contemporary Romance.

Review by: Chantelle, LCA Intern for Library HQ

Synopsis: Darcy Barrett had the extreme luck of finding her ideal man at a young age; eight years old to be exact. Ever since then she’s had to be content with settling for “less”. Having seen what other men are like, Darcy is certain that Tom Valeska is the man for her. There’s just one catch. Tom doesn’t like her. In fact, she’s 99% sure of it.

But times are changing, and Darcy is determined to lock Tom down for good. No matter the cost.

Review: 99% Mine is a fun, amusing, and cute romance novel centred around Darcy, who has spent her life being in the background, never able to leave the shadow of her twin brother. We meet Tom, who has forever been caught between the squabbling twins. He’s a chew toy caught between two ferocious beasts, neither of which seem to be in any mood to let go. In spite of the constant bickering, Darcy knows she can’t let Tom slip away this time. She has to fight for him. She has to have 99% of him. Can she do it? Or will he forever remain her perfect man, destined to never be together?

This book is both witty and hilarious at times. I thoroughly enjoyed this light-hearted take on romance and the very relatable trials of having a twin brother always interfering!

99% Mine is a romance novel for adults.

Of course, if this doesn’t quench your thirst I’d highly recommend you check out The Hating Game by Sally Thorne. You can read my previous review of this title here.

If you like the sound of this book, place a request on it on our Library Catalogue.

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