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LOTE Kids EBooks Adds More Picture-books in Different Languages

We’ve previously written posts about the various eServices available to library users and one for children is LOTE, or Languages Other Than English which you can read about here.

What’s New

Last month LOTE Online for Kids released another 60+ picture books, taking the collection to 1,800+ book titles in 50+ languages! Languages in focus for this release:

  1. Cantonese – new traditional picture books
  2. French – new book titles and bilingual stories
  3. Marathi – new picture books
  4. Odia – new language and seed collection of books
  5. Spanish – new book titles and bilingual options

Translated versions of LOTE Online for Kids

LOTE Online for Kids have expanded the number of platform base languages to thirteen (13), now including Te Reo Māori! Increasing the number of base languages improves the accessibility for non-English speaking users of LOTE Online for Kids and ESL families. Are there other languages you would like to see the website translated into?

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