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LOTE Kids Ebooks Add New Features

We’ve previously written posts about the various eServices available to library users and one for children is LOTE, or Languages Other Than English which you can read about here.

What’s New

New Languages

In May, LOTE released another 40 picture books taking the collection to 1,650+ book titles in 50+ languages! Languages in focus for this release:

  1. Ukrainian – 19 new book titles
  2. Urdu – 21 new book titles

Language and Culture in Focus

LOTE have been looking for new ways to help improve the cultural awareness of users on LOTE Online for Kids, and this month they launched a new learning centre called “Language and Culture in Focus”. In this section, they will feature important language and cultural days and events, to raise awareness and curiosity with our library patrons. In June, they featured Matariki Day, a special cultural occasion in the New Zealand calendar.

Sort Languages

With a growing collection of books in over 50+ languages, children have previously needed to scroll to see the full list of languages available. To make it easier to find a particular language, users can now simply sort the languages alphabetically A – Z and Z – A, and also by Latest Release and Most Popular. 

New Activity: Book Memory Online

Book Memory is a wonderful activity to help develop children’s attention to detail and visual memory in an enjoyable way, and also to deepen their connection to the picture books on LOTE Online for Kids. Book Memory can be enjoyed by our little patrons anytime on desktop, tablet and mobile. 

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