Film Review: My Fair Lady

Title: My Fair Lady

Director: George Cukor

Starring: Audrey Hepburn

Genre: Romance. Musical.

Review by: Chantelle, LCA Intern for Library HQ

Synopsis: Eliza is a lower class woman selling wilted flowers to upper-classmen with her loud Cockney accent. An upperclassman boisterously proclaims that he could teach her proper English and convince a ballroom of people that Eliza isn’t a commoner, rather she is of higher class.

Intrigued, Eliza agrees to the wager and the game begins.

Review: My Fair Lady is a 1964 musical based on a play by George Bernard Shaw. The 1913 play was called Pygmalion.

My Fair Lady is structured around the Upperclassmen and lowerclassmen. In a society where “Proper” English is invaluable and sets apart the Higher class from the lower commoners.

One day as Eliza is selling her usual wilted flowers she overhears a man boast that he could shape her cockney accent and fool an entire ballroom into believing that she is of higher nobility.

Offended by his utter arrogance, Eliza promptly accepts his wager.

But the feat isn’t as easy as one might think. For one thing, her Cockney accent is strong. For another, she’s headstrong and he’s pompous. The two personalities collide until they are left with nothing but witty trials and tribulations.

Along the way Eliza meets Freddie who swiftly becomes infatuated with her. But for all his flattering words, he fails to show Eliza how he truly he feels.

Now that Eliza has been taught proper English she is free to do whatever she wants. The question is, Does her future have room for the arrogant Professor? This is a thoroughly enjoyable musical with many moments of true hilarity. At times you may find yourself truly horrified at the male attitude of superiority, however this classic is one not to be missed. If you enjoy classical films and musicals are up your alley, be sure to check this one out! A wonderful way to spend an evening.

If you like the sound of this classic Musical, place a request on it on our Library Catalogue and you will be top of the list when our reserve system returns after the system update next week.

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