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Kildare Library & Open Source Resources For Ukrainian Nationals

Kildare Libraries would like to welcome Ukrainian refugees arriving in Ireland. Here in the Kildare Library service we welcome you to our country and to our library service. Our libraries are warm, safe and inclusive spaces and are free to use by all. Please drop in to your local library and ask about joining or join online here. Or please feel free to use our library resources or explore some of the online resources available to you in this blog post.

Kildare Library Resources

Borrow books and language sets

With Kildare libraries you can borrow books, audiobooks, DVDs, music CDs, computer games and more from our libraries. We are currently trying to source and to purchase Ukrainian-language books for all age groups. We have a range of language cds available to borrow and provide online Language learning through Transparent Language Online.

Borrowing laptops and tablets

You can access free broadband, WiFi and computers in our libraries. Contact your local library to find out more about using our computers and Internet service. Some of our libraries even allow you to borrow laptops and tablets. Just to note, these laptops and tablets are for use in the library only and can’t be taken back to where you live.

Free access to computers and the Internet in the library

All our libraries offer free access to computers and to the Internet. Contact your nearest library to find out more about how to use these services.

Our online resources 

We also have a large selection of free online resources for you to use anywhere, at anytime on your personal devices. All you need is your library card. It is free to sign up for a library card at your nearest library and all our staff would be happy to help you do so.

Online books, magazines and newspapers

  • LOTE for Kids – a selection of books in Ukrainian and Russian for younger children.
  • Borrowbox – Provides a large range of digital books and digital audiobooks, including a small selection of Russian-language titles, mostly suited to teenagers and children.
  • PressReader – provides access to thousands of newspapers and magazines from around the world, including a selection of Ukrainian and Russian language publications. PressReader offers instant translation in up to 18 different languages for most articles and even full publications in as little as three clicks.
    • Log in to your account.
    • Then simply click on the three dots in the far right corner of the PressReader screen.
    • Select Interface Language and translate into the language you want.

Open Source Resources For Ukrainian Nationals

Sources shared by colleagues in the public libraries in Poland*


Here you’ll find a collection of 70 Ukrainian open access books for children selected and provided by the Ukrainian educational organization ‘Osvitoria’. This lovely collection of books contain some bilingual (English-Ukrainian) books that may be useful for learning a foreign language. This webpage is in Ukrainian, but Google translator will manage to translate it into other languages.  


Some Links to Ukrainian Resources: 

The following links will take you to various Ukrainian publishers and libraries providing digital collections of ebooks, audiobooks and other resources

BARABOKA – Is providing a collection of free children books ages 3+ to 9+ provided by the publisher to comfort and cheer up children.

Digital Library of Ukrainian Literature – Is providing digital versions of Ukrainian Literature, World Literature and Literary studies resources available to read for free on their website. For audio records you can access their Youtube account here.

Free audiobooks in Ukrainian (for children) are providing a range of free audio books for all ages to listen to.  are providing a range of fairytale story audios in Ukrainian.

Meanwhile using the “translate the page” option you may also look at the following Polish Library webpage which provides a range of resources for Ukrainian refugees including links to books, audio books, help with education, Ukrainian to Polish dictionaries etc.

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