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Book Review: Cut and Run

Title: Cut and Run

Author: Lara Adrian, Tina Folsom

Genre: Romance novel. Fiction.

Review by: Chantelle, LCA Intern for Library HQ

Synopsis: Gifted and lethally skilled, they were at one point, the nation’s most powerful asset. Until they were betrayed by an unknown enemy. Now they can’t trust anybody, not even each other. The Phoenix hold the key to discovering a conspiracy shrouded beneath a pool of blood. To survive they have to do one thing. Solve the Phoenix Code.

Review: The first part of the book –Cut, features Community college professor Ethan Jones.

He isn’t what he seems. On the surface he’s an attractive and intelligent professor with an insatiable taste for knowledge, on the inside he’s an agent involved in the Phoenix program. So when it goes dark he is forced to cut all ties to the life he’s meticulously

crafted for himself, one person at a time. Including the ever so smart and beautiful, Tori Connors.

A series of incidents push the two to once again reunite some time down the line.

And now that she’s back, Ethan has to make a choice: Keep the woman he loves, but risk her life. Or let her go for a second time.

The choice just may kill him either way, especially if his unforseen enemies begin to close in on him.

The second part of the book–Run, unites Scott Thompson and journalist Phoebe Chadwick.

Scott has one of his premonitions, alerting him that a bus full of school children would die a horrible death if he didn’t intervene. Scott’s not just a hulking figure riding a motorbike, he knows that sticking his neck out to save the kids will land him in hot water, but he couldn’t live knowing he’d willingly sent them to their death. So he does the honourable, heroic thing. He saved them.

Along with Phoebe.

Now she needs a story and he needs to protect her.

Two stories, One common enemy: Cut and Run is the perfect action, romance novel to kick back and read. I thoroughly enjoyed the adrenaline rush, the spirited dialogue and the intrigue effortlessly created by the authors. Well worth a few hours curled up on the couch.

If you like the sound of this author, you can request a book by her on the Library Catalogue. You will have been prompted to change your pin earlier in the week, but if you have any issues, call into your local branch.

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