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Book Review: It Ends With Us

Title: It Ends With Us

Author: Colleen Hoover

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Adult Fiction.

Review by: Chantelle, LCA Intern for Library HQ

Synopsis: “Easy” isn’t a word that has ever described Lily’s life. It’s always been a battle, but it never stopped her from working hard for the life she wants.

Lily left behind a small town in Maine in her tenacious battle to start her own business in Boston.

Things are finally perking up. Especially after she meets a gorgeous neurosurgeon named Ryan Kincaid.

Review: In this gut-wrenching novel, Lily finds herself working toward her goals in life, and alongside her, wanting to be part of her dream, Ryan Kincaid.

He’s assertive, stubborn, and a tad arrogant. But like all of Colleen Hoover’s novels, problems begin to arise within their relationship.

As Lily begins to question her involvement with the stunning yet, often indecipherable Ryan, a boy from her past begins to float across her mind.

Atlas Corrigan – her first ever love. Like Beetlejuice, merely thinking his name seems to have conjured up the man himself because Lily finds herself face to face with Atlas once again. Like her, he’s worked hard for his life – possibly even harder.

With his arrival, everything is threatened.

If you are in need of a book that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, alternatively leaning over and squealing in delight or reaching for a tissue,this is definitely the book for you. Having finished this marvelous read, be sure to check out the other books available by Colleen Hoover.

If you’d like to read this book you can place a hold on a copy for pickup in any of our libraries by requesting it here .

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