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Community Time Machine: A Neighbourhood Archive of Stories & Creativity

As part of the Age Friendly Ireland initiative the Neighbourhood Network in conjunction with Creative Ireland and the Department of Rural and Community Development are seeking communities in Kildare to take part in a neighbourhood archive project over the next few weeks.

What is The Community Time Machine project?

The ‘Time Machine’ is an age-friendly, cross-generational neighbourhood archive project which connects communities across the country, supported by local County Councils, Creative Ireland, Age Friendly Ireland and the Department of Rural & Community Development.

The idea is simple – We want to get young people to have a chat with a senior person from their community over the phone or in person, giving both of them an opportunity to learn from each other & connect. Each teenager that takes part is invited to create something based on the conversation they had with their partner. That could be anything at all, such as, a painting, a photograph or a poem, the sky is the limit! The final pieces will be exhibited on this website as part of the Community Time Machine digital archive. This a fun, creative way to get teenagers and seniors connecting, and to capture the stories of the older people in our communities

We are inviting community members to act as organisers for this exciting project! The role of community organisers is to gather a group of young people, aged 12 – 18 and a partner them up with senior community members, facilitate the project with them and act as the liaison between your group and Neighbourhood Network.

Community Organisers must be 18+ to run a project

To get involved as a community organiser or to learn more about the project check out the website here or watch this short video

Community Organisers must be 18+ to run a project

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