Book reviews and recommendations, Young Adult 16+

Orla’s YA Book of the Month

Title: Paper Girls (Collected Paperback) Volume 1.

Author: Brian K Vaughan and Cliff Chiang

Genre: Graphic Fiction, Mystery, Science Fiction.

Review by: Orla (Kildare Town Library)

The creators of this graphic novel have done a superb job bringing it to life. The colour palette chosen by Matthew Wilson compliments the sharp and detailed drawings by Cliff Chiang and the innovative story written by Brian K. Vaughan. It is outstanding and enjoyable to read. It is no wonder this series has won several Eisner awards. Many people have compared Paper Girls to the much loved, hit show on Netflix, Stranger Things.

The story flits back and forth from the past to a dystopian, futuristic world. The scene is set in the 1980’s in the sleepy suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. It covers the story of four feisty twelve- year- old girls, delivering newspapers on bikes. It’s the early hours of the morning after Halloween night and party goers are still roaming the streets. When the girls see zombie-like figures, with ripped clothes and scarred faces, they are not spooked at first. They discard the strange paranormal activities as an elaborate Halloween hoax.
The mystery unravels and they get more than a bit of a fright. The situation becomes tense when they are attacked and have a walkie-talkie stolen from them. Angry and fuming the girls chase after their assailants. The culprits soon disappear round a corner. What lies ahead is something otherworldly. They soon find themselves zapped into a futuristic world and greeted by teenage boys who are in a battle with ‘old-timers’ from the past. The girls get a chance to see what their future life entails. Their future looks grim and so the quest to change the future begins before it’s too late.

This is a fast paced, fun graphic novel series to read and will keep you on your toes guessing what is going to happen next. If you enjoy reading this series I highly recommend Y :The Last Man written by the same author.

Would you like to borrow a physical copy of this title? Feel free to request it online from your local library make an appointment to visit your local library and collect it when we notify you it has arrived.

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