Let's Talk About Parenting

Let’s Talk About Parenting November Events 2021

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What is Let’s talk about Parenting?

’The ‘Let’s talk about Parenting’ Programme is a FREE series of talks and workshops for Parents and Professionals working with children and young people in County Kildare. The programme is provided by Kildare Library Service, is funded by Kildare County Council, and is supported by Kildare CYPSC and members of the multi-agency Kildare & West Wicklow Parenting Forum. For more information on the Parenting Forum and the supports available in County Kildare visit www.parentingsupport.ie Presently all our talks are being provided online.

November 2021 Programmes

Photo by olia danilevich on Pexels.com

First Aid for Parents
Presented by Siobhan Butler, First Aid for Everyone

Tuesday 16th November 7pm  
A popular and regular event on the programme, this informative and interactive course uses lots of visual aids in the presentation and there is plenty of opportunity for the participants to ask questions. Topics covered will include: 

  • Calling the emergency services
  • The First Aid Kit
  • Choking
  • Meningitis
  • Burns
  • Temperatures / Seizures 

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‘Embrace the Awkward’ – How to talk to your Kid(s) about Sex
Presented by Sarah Sproule

Tuesday 30th November 7pm
Many parents have the idea—the hope—that they can have a single, excruciatingly embarrassing talk with their kids about sex and sort of have it over with… once and for all. You’ve probably
already discovered that it doesn’t exactly work that way. Kids’ bodies, hormones, and thinking
change dramatically throughout childhood, puberty, andinto young adulthood, so it’s important to get comfortable with ongoing dialogue about all the awkward things. This presentation aims to begin to equip parents and other caring adults to raise young adults to have healthy, supportive, and consensual relationships. Attendees will learn why conversations about sex and sexuality are difficult, but why they are still important for families to discuss. Participants will come away with simple first steps to get moving comfortably with this part of parenting. 
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Balancing Work and Family Life when Parenting Alone or Post Separation
Presented by One Family

Thursday 25th November 7pm
Everyday life demands much of us, many of us have multiple roles to play in any one day, parent, sibling, friend, partner, employee, colleague to name but a few.  It can feel that we are been stretched in many directions and that there are cracks in every piece of the puzzle. Finding a way to balance what you have and what you can give is key to parenting and to family well-being. As parents we are there to meet the needs of our children but to do this, we must meet our own needs first. This workshop will support you to identify what happens when needs are not met, what behaviours come about and what challenges present. By finding ways to meet needs, behaviours can change and challenges decrease. Remember the key is need = emotion= behaviour. When parenting alone or parenting post separation it is vital you find the time to understand needs and emotions, not only those of your children but yours too. 
Book via Eventbrite. 

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