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Book Review: Stuck With You by Trish Jensen

Title: Stuck With You

Author: Trish Jensen

Genre: Romance novel. Holiday fiction.

Review by: Chantelle, LCA Intern for Library HQ


Paige Hart and Ross Bennet couldn’t stand each other. Lawyers on opposite sides of a divorce case, there was nothing but bad blood between them. Until a courthouse bombing throws them together. Exposed to the same rare, Tibetan Concupiscence Virus, the two arch-enemies are forced to share quarantine quarters for a solid week. 

But the bombing isn’t the only thing to explode. They loathe each other but as the days pass they find themselves fighting explosive sparks…

Review: Stuck With You is a tale of two lawyers battling attraction that just shouldn’t be there, logically speaking and certainly not with their mutual dislike of one another. Afterall, they’ve spent hours sniping and arguing in the courtroom. 

The trouble is, this dang virus has them in a slight predicament. Forced to endure each other’s company twenty-four-seven, for seven days; It’s Karma’s ultimate prank. Suddenly they are battling a mutual attraction, not a case.

In this novel, Trish Jensen has the reader laughing constantly. Amusing larks, second-hand embarrassment and moments of hilarity, it’s all rolled into one brilliant read. I would recommend the novel for young adults who enjoy a light, romantic read. If you enjoy light-hearted books with amusing (and sometimes embarrassing) scenes, then waste no time picking up this book.

When you have reached the end of this novel – yes sadly it has to end, and you discover that  you enjoyed this book or enjoy others like it, I would personally recommend  CJ’s Fate, by Kay Hooper, as your next great read. You can read titles by Kay Hooper by ordering a physical copy and requesting them online from your local library. You can then make an appointment to visit your local library to collect them when we notify you.

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