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It’s Time for Kildare Children to Collect Their Summer Stars Certificates!

Summer Stars is a summer reading programme that includes participants from ages 5-12 all across Ireland. Even while libraries were partially closed in 2020 it continued to be a popular programme and Summer 2021 saw a huge amount of young people in Kildare using their libraries again and joining the challenge. Summer Stars was easy to join and participate at the library; children simply needed to have a library account and head to their local library to pick up a reading card with 8 spots for titles they have read over the summer. Dozens of children from Kildare Libraries’ branches not only signed up to the programme, but finished it as well, reading 8 or more books and being awarded the various prizes for each target within the programme, including an exclusive Summer Stars pencil, bookmark, notebook and bag.

Now is the time for all participants to collect their participation award of a special Summer Stars 2021 certificate. Some children have already collected theirs but if you haven’t, these will be available for collection (from the branch you joined Summer Stars in) until the end of September. If you missed any of the prizes or haven’t been back at the library since you picked up your reading card, visit your local library with your reading card to see if there are any prizes waiting for you!

The library is now open with more booking slots and an allotted time of an hour, so there’s plenty of time to continue your reading adventure through the Autumn and Winter months.

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