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Book Review: The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

Title: The Outsiders

Author: S.E. Hinton

Genre: Young Adult Fiction.

Review by: Chantelle, LCA Intern for Library HQ

Synopsis: The Socs or “Socials”, and the “Greasers” are rival gangs from the opposite side of town. The Socs’ idea of a good time is cruising around in their flashy cars and beating up long-haired Greasers like Ponyboy Curtis. He knows he can count on his older brothers and other familial friends in all situations, until one night when things go way too far. Pony-boy may be the tough bad-ass Greaser and project the harsh image on the outside, but on the inside, he’s running scared…

Review: The Outsiders is set in 1960 where you meet two very different cultures. The Soc’s, the high wealthy classed groups who drive in their flashy convertibles and live the high life. Then there’s the Greasers. They are perceived to be uncultured and untamed, from the ‘wrong’ side of the town. They keep their hair unappealingly long and greasy. They’re rowdy and find joy in kicking up some dirt.

S.E Hinton draws a vivid picture of what life in the 1960’s society really was like. She effortlessly draws the reader into the images, sounds, dialect and culture of the time period. The reader can almost believe that you are experiencing the same strife and injustice Ponyboy Curtis and his family endure. We learn about the in-equality between “Socials” and “Greasers” and just how rough and dangerous life for “Greasers” was. The author highlights the cruelty of the supposedly, “Tame” and “Cultured” upper-class “Socials”.

Not all of the Soc’s are as heartless, and not all Greasers are so resilient, as we discover. If you enjoy the time period, and you like following along with drama and suspense, this is definitely your book.

I would recommend it to young adults, and adults.

You can read this now as an eBook on BorrowBox or order a physical copy of this title by requesting it online from your local library and make an appointment to visit your local library and collect it when we notify you it has arrived.

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