Let's Talk About Parenting

Let’s Talk About Parenting September Events 2021

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What is Let’s talk about Parenting?

’The ‘Let’s talk about Parenting’ Programme is a FREE series of talks and workshops for Parents and Professionals working with children and young people in County Kildare. The programme is provided by Kildare Library Service, is funded by Kildare County Council, and is supported by Kildare CYPSC and members of the multi-agency Kildare & West Wicklow Parenting Forum. For more information on the Parenting Forum and the supports available in County Kildare visit www.parentingsupport.ie Presently all our talks are being provided online.

September 2021 Programmes

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Back to School or Starting School (Playschool or Primary)
Presented by Deirdre Holland, Behaviour Specialist
Thursday 9th September 7pm

This talk will help children with separation anxiety and transitioning positively when starting playschool or Primary school. It will cover topics such as:

  • Separation Anxiety and The Drop off. 
  • What those emotions and meltdowns may be expressing and trying to tell us. 
  • Morning routine visual schedule (pdf resource available on request) 
  • Reacting to and managing the big emotions
  • Play based teaching methods to support closure and transitioning. 
  • Q&A 

Book via Eventbrite: https://helpingchildrenwithseparationanxiety002kcc.eventbrite.ie 

Developing Self-Esteem & Resiliency in Teens Course (for parents of 10yrs+)
Presented by Darren Shanahan, Foroige

Tuesdays 14th September – 5th October 7pm
This 4-week course is suitable for parents/guardians of children and teenagers aged 10+.
The interactive course will explore ways in how parents/guardians can support their child/teen to
be more resilient and self-confident. Research shows that young people who have a greater sense
of self and resilience are less likely to engage in risky behaviours.  In this course, participants will learn about confidence, self-esteem and resiliency and identify some simple ways to develop it with their teen. Topics covered in the course will include: Decision Making, Peer Pressure, Substance
Use and Assertiveness.  
Book directly with Darren by email – darren.shanahan@foroige.ie      

New Baby? Preparing Siblings
Presented by Deirdre Holland, Behaviour Specialist

Thursday 16th September 7pm
Simple approaches to prep in the 3rd Trimester. 

  • Language and resources to consider.
  • How to support our young children through their big emotions, responding and moving on. 
  • Preparing them for separation and divided attention. 
  • Preparing your home and the surroundings for this shift in logistics
  • Supporting toddlers and younger children through feeding sessions and avoiding “I’m feeding the baby” becoming a punishment and a signal of loss. (Not specific to any specific type of feeding, feeding is feeding )
  • Nurturing a positive relationship between siblings from the start.  

Book via Eventbrite: https://newbabypreparingsiblings004kcc.eventbrite.ie 

Coming in October

Reflexology with your Baby or Toddler
Presented by Susan McTernan, Reflexologist

Fridays 1st – 22nd October 10.30am – 11.30am 

The sessions are suitable for any parent who has a Baby or toddler up to age of 4, who has:

  • trouble sleeping
  • colic/reflux
  • digestive issues
  • respiratory issues such as asthma
  • teething pain
  • or any parent who would like to promote bonding and over health and wellness

Book via Eventbrite: https://reflexologywithbaby005kcc.eventbrite.ie     


Remember under the Government’s Keep Well Campaign – Switching off and being creative or learning something new, getting back to nature, and finding ways to relax can help our general wellbeing. For more information check out our blog posts here and here or take a look at the Kildare County Council’s Keep Well page for the latest activities to help you Keep Well.

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