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Book Review: Leonard And Hungry Paul

Title: Leonard And Hungry Paul

Author: Ronan Hession

Genre: Humorous Adult Fiction

Review: Mairead, Monasterevin Library

Synopsis: They use humour, board games and silence to steer their way through the maelstrom that is the 21st Century. It is the story of two friends trying to find their place in the world. It is about those uncelebrated people who have the ability to change the world, not by effort or force, but through their appreciation of all that is special and overlooked in life.
Chosen for BBC Radio 2 Book Club


This is a charming, gentle and at times humorous story of two true friends who present themselves to the world without any masks, pretences or ego. They are introverted, kind, genuine and considerate. These young man cannot be categorised as millennials or metro sexuals no more than Ronan Hession beautiful empathic and heartfelt writing can be categorized into a particular genre.

This is a book to read in these troubled times, as it is life affirming and insightful. As the author Ronan Hession says of his character Grace (Leonard’s older sister) “ She reads books not to form an opinion on them, But to find herself in them.”. I think most people will find something of themselves in this treasure of a book, and that something will be a positive trait.

Leonard and Hungry Paul is not an action packed, plot driven read, rather it a gentle exploration of the human condition. It is at turns, humorous, delightful and poignant. If you are looking for a soul soothing read, and to be reassured that it is okay to be quiet, understated and set your own values for what is important in your life, this is the read for you.

Available to borrow on Bolinda Borrowbox as an ebook or as an audiobook.

Prefer a physical copy? Feel free to request it online from your local library make an appointment to visit your local library and collect it when we notify you it has arrived.

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