Encouraging your Child’s STEM learning at Home:  A ‘How To’ Panel Discussion

Tuesday, 15th June, 7pm, via Zoom

This event is being hosted by Kildare Library and Arts Service in partnership with the Maynooth University Department of Chemistry Parents have a key role to play in encouraging and harnessing their child’s natural curiosity around STEM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). However, many parents don’t know where to start or lack confidence themselves in this area. Join us for a discussion with a panel of STEM experts on why it is so important for parents to cultivate this interest and how to go about it. The discussion will focus on: 

  • Explaining what STEM is and demystifying it.
  • The parent’s role and influence on the child’s interest in STEM.
  • The role of STEM learning in developing creative and critical thinking skills.
  • The importance of STEM learning for future careers.
  • The gender gap in STEM and how to encourage more girls in STEM.
  • Suggestions of simple, fun and low-prep activities that can be done with children to get them excited about STEM.

This talk is suitable for parents, educators and carers of primary-school-going children. The discussion will be facilitated by Dr Niamh Shaw, who is an engineer, scientist, writer and performer, and will include the following speakers:

Dr. Roisin O’Flaherty works as a Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry at Maynooth University. She previously worked at NIBRT doing research in pharmaceuticals and also as an engineer at Intel. Her area of research is studying sugars to better understand cancers and diseases and she uses robots to help her along the way. She wants to inspire more young children and adults alike to get into STEM subjects. She wants to be a role model for young girls who are interested in automation and engineering.

Dr. Trinidad Velasco-Torrijos is an Associate professor and Coordinator of the BSc in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Chemistry at Maynooth University. Trinidad’s research focuses on developing new and sustainable materials based on carbohydrates for medical applications. She is also very interested in chemical education and is involved in science communication activities in European networks. 

Peter Redmond is a world-renowned robotics expert and founder of the entertainment and educational robotics company Mechatrons. He also lectures in the Department of Computer Science in Trinity College Dublin. 

Hayden Wilkinson is a Bioprocessing/Biopharma Trainer by day and a music-loving, coffee-drinking, plant eater by night. He recently completed his MSc at the National Institute of Bio-processing, Research and Training at University College Dublin where he was looking into improving the design of biomaterial implants in regenerative medicine. In 2019 Hayden won the FameLab Ireland science communication competition. 

Booking via Eventbrite:

Remember under the Government’s Keep Well Campaign – Switching off and being creative or learning something new, getting back to nature, and finding ways to relax can help our general wellbeing. For more information check out our blog posts here and here or take a look at the Kildare County Council’s Keep Well page for the latest activities to help you Keep Well.

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