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Maynooth Library Easter Writing Competition Runner Up Entry Ages 10-12

Maynooth Library hosted an Easter Holidays Creative Writing Competition for Ages 7-12 and was overwhelmed by the exceptional talent on display in the entries. The second place story in the 10-12 category is ‘The Easter Chick’ by Sinead aged 10 years old. The points awarded for this story were close to the first place entry so it was a very tight competition!

The Easter Chick


It was 10am on a warm spring Easter Sunday, and Leah was trying to convince her pony Angel to keep her saddle on. Angel thought it was funny to keep bucking it off every time Leah placed it on her back. Leah was having none of it though.

“Angel! Stop goofing around! At this rate, if we don’t hurry, we won’t be able to go on our Easter hack,” Leah said, starting to get cross. “We don’t want to miss the Easter egg hunt this afternoon.”

Angel did not like the thought of displeasing Leah and not going on a hack, so she let Leah place the saddle gently on her back without bucking it off. “Good girl!” Leah said with a smile.

As Leah and Angel set off for their Easter hack, cantering through the lush green grass of the forest, Leah breathed a happy sigh of contentment. She heard the sweet, excited chirping of little birds diving through the trees as they glided over head. Leah looked up into the trees and gazed upon a little family of five birds. They were sitting happily in a nest built upon a branch of one of the swaying trees. There were two adults who Leah assumed were the mother and father, and three tiny little newborn chicks. Easter chicks!

“Look Angel! The chicks, aren’t they so cute?!” Leah whispered. Angel whinnied in agreement, but just then Leah and Angel saw the tiniest chick begin to edge closer to the side of the nest. “Oh no, we need to help him Angel!” Leah shouted. Angel galloped toward the base of the tree and Leah clasped her hands together to make a little bowl to catch the chick just as it toppled over the side of the nest. “Phew!” Leah said, relieved that she had caught the chick just in time. She gazed at the little ball of fluff sitting on her hands. “You are such a cutie pie!” Leah said, gently stroking the soft feathers. Angel neighed not liking to be ignored. “Don’t worry Angel, I love you the most,” Leah whispered into Angels ear.

Leah turned her attention back to the chick, “I’m surprised your parents are not coming down to get you,” Leah wondered out loud as she peered up into the nest. “Maybe they are afraid.” “I think I need to stand up on you Angel so I can put the chick back in her nest, I will give you some horse lick as a treat later!” said Leah. Angel whinnied in agreement at this. “Leah stood up on Angels back and placed the chick into the nest. The chick’s’ parents tweeted their thanks. “Happy Easter little Easter chicks,” she whispered.

“Come now Angel we need to finish the hack before lunch, we don’t want to miss out on all the yummy Easter chocolate!” Leah said to Angel as she nudged her into a gallop through the woods and they set off for home.

The End.

Remember under the Government’s Keep Well Campaign – Switching off and being creative or learning something new, getting back to nature, and finding ways to relax can help our general wellbeing. For more information check out our blog posts here and here or take a look at the Kildare County Council’s Keep Well page for the latest activities to help you Keep Well.

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