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Maynooth Library Easter Writing Competition Runner Up Entry Ages 7-9

Maynooth Library hosted an Easter Holidays Creative Writing Competition for Ages 7-12 and was overwhelmed by the exceptional talent on display in the entries. The second place story in the 7-9 category is ‘The Short Tale of the Easter Baby Bunny by Fiadh aged 7 years old. The points awarded for this story were close to the first place entry so it was a very tight competition!

The Short Tale of the Easter Baby Bunny


Once upon a time in a faraway land there was a girl with an evil step-sister and a really nice home. The nice girl was called Lennie and the evil step sister was called the ‘evil step-sister’. One day the evil step sister heard the doorbell ring. She said to herself, “it’s probably a package for me.”

Lennie said “I will get it!” The step sister said “no I’ll get it” and she pushed Lennie out of the way. When the evil step sister opened the front door there was a large basket sitting on the doorstep. It had little chocolate Easter eggs inside and a little baby bunny rabbit with really long ears was curled up on top of them. The evil step sister screamed and immediately scrolled on her phone, googling a way to deal with this mess, probably looking for an exterminator!

The little bunny did cute little twitches and tiny little yawns and her floppy little ears flopped over her eyes. Flip flop flip flop. Twitch twitch. She began to hiccup and blow little Easter bubbles. Lennie, the nice sister picked up the bunny rabbit. She patted her on her back and said soothing words like her mummy would use with her. She whispered “you poor thing, there, there, it’s alright.”

“Excuse me”, said a voice. Lennie looked down and saw the Easter Bunny who had magically appeared on the step.”Can I have my baby back please? Mrs Easter bunny will not be happy with me that I forgot the baby bunny while delivering the Easter eggs.” Lennie had no words and immediately handed the baby back to her daddy.” Thank you, Happy Easter,” he said and he hopped away. Flip flop, twitch, twitch.

Lennie looked at the evil step sister who had missed the whole thing as usual because she was too busy looking at her phone. “How curious,” she said to herself. “Curious and curiouser…

The End

Remember under the Government’s Keep Well Campaign – Switching off and being creative or learning something new, getting back to nature, and finding ways to relax can help our general wellbeing. For more information check out our blog posts here and here or take a look at the Kildare County Council’s Keep Well page for the latest activities to help you Keep Well.

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