Movie Review : Saint Maud

Director: Rose Glass

Genre: 15 Cert (Young Adult 15+, Adult) Psychological Horror

Format: DVD Run time 81 min approx. (excluding extras)

Reviewer: Kevin – Athy / Castledermot Library

Synopsis: After an unknown incident at a hospital, young devote Christian nurse Maud (Morfydd Clark – His Dark Materials) becomes a palliative care nurse to world renowned dancer and choreographer Amanda Kohl (Jennifer Ehle – Pride & Prejudice). Over time the pair begin to form a friendship as Maud sees that she was sent to Amanda by God to prepare her soul. But Amanda’s old life is still an influence in her final days; an influence Maud sees she must stop. This come to a point at Amanda’s birthday when she and Maud clashes over her friends and Maud is dismissed. 

Maud now spirals out of control as she feels that she has lost God’s guiding hand in her life after her failure with Amanda. She now sets out to return to God’s love as she begins to punish herself for her actions and when she feel ready; to continue her mission to save Amanda’s soul no matter what it takes.       


This isn’t what you would call your standard horror, there’s nobody being fed into a wood chipper or having their skin worn like an overcoat. But what you do see it the complete and utter destruction of a person’s mind played wonderfully by young actor Morfydd Clark. This is a dark psychological horror which revolves around the character of Maud who seems unable to successfully interact with the real world around her and seeks security in a world which she feels safe in. When she does make a friend in Amanda, she begins to control Amanda’s life slowly in the hope that she would have someone to share her existence with; even if it is short lived. 

Thought it is a good storyline and well-acted, the mystery is what happened to Maud that lead to her self-destruction. We the viewer are just given a small hint to Maud’s past when she is spotted by an old work colleague and we learn that Maud was once known as Katie. Maybe a little more of a flashback might help the viewer understand how Maud/Katie became such a troubled and dangerous young woman.

Available to borrow from Leixlip and Athy Library or for request here.

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