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Book Review: The Moon Over Soho

Author: Ben Aaronovitch

Genre: Mystery/Crime Supernatural (Adult)  

Reviewer: Kevin – Athy / Castledermot Library

Synopsis: Well-known jazz musician Cyrus Wilkinson collapse with a heart attack after a gig in Soho, but why is PC Peter Grant from the Economic and Specialist Crime Unit called in to investigate? Well Dr. Walid believes that there is more than a heart-attack behind Wilkinson’s death and after examining the body, Grant believes that the doctor diagnosis is spot on. Grant now discovers that this is not the first jazz musician to die after a gig and that these mysterious deaths reach back as far as the 1940’s. And now with Richard ‘Lord’ Grant (a.k.a Peter’s dad) back on the jazz scene, can Peter get to the bottom of the sudden deaths of talented musicians before his dad becomes a target.  

However, Peter has to deal with something more sinister when an old case resurfaces to haunt him and Nightingale. This time; they lean that the case involved police corruption & London gangs, human experiments and a wizard that is more powerful than Nightingale can handle. Have the two finally met their match in Soho or will they live to tell the tale?           


I promised you the review of the second book in the series and I got to say the series is getting interesting. In Moon over Soho, Arronovitch lets the reader see more of the character Peter Grant as the second book picks up a few months after the first one ended. Often the second book leaves behind what has happened at the end of the first but here, the reader is reminded of the fight that took place and the devastating outcome for all involved.  

Again, don’t worry if you’re not in magic or shamanism as like the first book; it’s not overpowering that you lose interest in the story and in some parts its needed to explain what cannot be explained. Arronovitch has again weaved a story that captures the reader from the first chapter to the last, with each chapter adding more information for the reader to digest; with the odd comical antidote slapped in to break up the often long chapters. 

I’m now going to continue the series as not to give away anything, someone surprises Peter in Moon over Soho and it should make the third in the series Whispers Underground an interesting read.

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