Children’s Non Fiction: The Vicious Vikings

Title: Horrible Histories – The Vicious Vikings

Author: Terry Deary

Genre: Children’s Non-Fiction

Reviewed by: Aoife, Newbridge library

The Vikings were fearsome seafaring warriors with big boats, big shields and enormous ginger beards. This much you probably know. But do you know… * Why the vicious Vikings had names like Fat-thighs, Oaf and Stinking? * How to build a vicious Viking longboat? * Which vicious Viking god dressed up as a woman? Read on for hordes of frightening facts about these vile invaders and their savage Saxon enemies! From cruel kings and vengeful Viking warriors, to the mean and miserable slaves, it’s a story of beastly battles, truly terrible torture techniques and messy murders. Eeek!

Another book in the fantastic Horrible Histories series, The Vicious Vikings focuses on the people of Scandinavia, i.e. Sweden, Denmark and Norway. You’ll learn about Viking life, food, and their plundering exploits at sea. The Vikings admired bravery and were storytellers as well as fighters. Their stories often involved their gods, such as Odin, Loki and Thor. Find out what life was like for Viking men, women and children, how to write with runes and how some Vikings fooled their enemies. I enjoy reading history and this series is a good way to get children interested in the subject.  This book is suitable for children aged 8 and over. 

Available on BorrowBox as an ebook

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