Arts & Crafts

Easter Egg Paper Decorations

By Aoife, Newbridge Library

You will need: 

  • Printable template for Easter eggs (you can find one online) 
  • Printer
  • White paper/green paper
  • Colouring supplies (coloured markers, coloured pencils, glitter…..whatever you have)
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to make:

  1. This craft starts with a printable Easter egg template. These can be found online from *My template has six eggs on it, but it does not matter how many eggs are on a template. Print out your template. 
  • Now make your Easter eggs as colourful as you wish! I will be using coloured pencils as that’s what I have, but coloured markers, sequins or even glitter would work well here. Use whatever is available to you. As shown here, I will use lilac and magenta pencils to colour my egg. 
  • When your Easter eggs are complete and you’re happy with them, cut around them using the pair of scissors. Do this very carefully – you may need an adult’s help with this part. 
  • The next part is the grass stand for the eggs to sit in. If you don’t have any green paper to hand, colour a sheet of white paper with a green pencil.
  • Cut a strip from the paper about the same width of one of your eggs. Using the scissors – again very carefully – cut along one side of the paper strip in a zigzag pattern.
  • Now hold the ends of the paper strip together in a ring shape. Put the egg inside. If it doesn’t slip through, all you do is glue the paper into the ring shape. If the egg slips through, tighten the ring until the egg sits in it. When you are happy that the egg will sit in the paper ring, secure the grass in the ring shape with some glue. Enjoy your Easter egg decoration!

*Easter egg template sourced from

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