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Arts Crafts & Activities- Easy American Style Pancakes

Blog post by Ann Kearney, Athy Library

Ingredients Needed:
● A regular mug, mixing bowl & a whisk.
● Self raising. flour
● Milk
● 1 egg
● 1 tbsp. Sugar
● Pinch of salt.
● Pan and oil spray/butter

Make sure to have an adult with you when cooking for supervision and to help you use hot cooking appliances.

● Put 1 mug measure of self raising flour into your mixing bowl. Add your 1 tbsp. of Sugar
and a pinch of salt. Then give it a quick mix with your whisk.

● Add your egg and 1 mug measure of milk. Give it all a good mix and you’re ready to make your fluffy pancakes.

● Heat your pan till it is nice and hot, add your spray oil/butter. Drop a large spoon of pancake mix into the pan then wait till little bubbles form on the top of the pancake and then flip it and cook the other side.

That’s it !! Enjoy with bacon and maple syrup or your favourite pancake topping.

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