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Crafting: How To Sew – Basic instructions for “Running Stitch”

By Mary, Maynooth Library

Use a needle with a fairly large eye ( the eye is the hole at the top of the needle).

Pull the double thread through the eye.

Knot the end of one length.

Wind the end of the thread once or twice around one finger so that it forms a loop/circle. Roll this loop off the finger and pull the end through to form a knot.

To make a running stitch:

Bring the needle and thread up through the two pieces of fabric from the back, until the knot is reached.

Front view

Then move a little to the left (or right) and push the needle through to the back again. Keep repeating this making even length stitches until you reach the end.

Back view

Finish by going back over the last stitch a few times. This is called a back stitch.

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