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Christmas Craft: Hanging reindeer decoration

By Mary, Maynooth Library

This is a stitched project. Please refer to the “How to Sew” instructions.

Materials :   Cream coloured felt for the body and a little brown felt for the antlers

                        Red Embroidery thread

                        Ordinary black cotton sewing thread

                        2 black beads for the eyes


                        Ribbon and pattern

                        Also needed needles, pins, scissors

                        (optional) a little bell


1. Copy and Cut out two Deer shapes from the cream felt, and one Antler from the brown felt.

2. Pin the antler between the ears of the two reindeers, as in the photo

3. Thread the needle with double red embroidery thread and knot on one length of the double.

4. Starting at the back leg at “A” pull the needle through from the back of the top piece of felt so that the knot is hidden.

5. Then start the running stitch. Continue all the way around to “B”.

6. Stuff the deer – pushing a little filling into the legs and head, and then the rest of the body.

7. Pin the opening together and continue sewing under his belly to close in the stuffing. Finish with a back stitch and cut the thread.

The Eyes :                                                   

8. Thread a needle with one strand of black thread and knot the two strands together.

9. Thread on one bead, put the needle through hole formed by knot, as in photo and pull through.

10. Push the needle from the back to the front through the head where the eyes should be.

Thread on the other bead and sew back through head catching the bead on back side.

Repeat a few times to secure both beads in place and finish off by putting a few, little stitches behind one of the beads and cut off the thread carefully.

11. Using the red thread join the two ends of the ribbon – one on top of the other and sew together.

12.Place around the neck of the deer and sew together at back of the neck.

Add a bell under the neck to the ribbon, if liked.

Be sure to look up simple sewing project books in the library. There are many different titles suitable for every age group and ability.

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