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Christmas Crafting : Christmas Stocking Decoration

By Mary, Maynooth Library

This craft is suitable for Children who can sew, Young Adults and Adults too.


Felt in two contrasting colours e.g. Purple and Yellow.

Double strands of Red embroidery thread


6 Buttons

Also needed – scissors, needles and pins.


1. Cut out two of each of the pattern pieces.

2. Sew the buttons onto the yellow strip.

3. Pin the yellow heel and toe cut outs to either side of the socks.

4. Sew across the top of Toe and around inside of Heel, as in photo, and finish off each line of stitching with a back stitch on the wrong side of the sock.

5. Then sew the two yellow strips to the top of the socks, again as in photo, finishing off with a back stitch on the wrong side of the sock.

6. Pin both socks together wrong sides facing.

7. Sew from top side, around heel across sole of foot around toe and up the other side. Finish with a back stitch.

Do Not stitch across the top of the stocking as it should be left open to put sweets in.

8. Sew on the ribbon for hanging.

Be sure to look up simple sewing project books in the library or ask your librarians for some recommendations.

There are many different titles suitable for every age group and ability.

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