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Making a 35cm Christmas Wreath from Baubles

By Catherine Mackey, Naas Community Library

#KeepWell in the months ahead. Switching off and having some time to yourself to be creative and do the things you enjoy doing is so important in looking after your mental wellbeing.

Items needed

· Wire coat hanger Lots of different coloured and different size Christmas baubles (Approximately 60)

· Red or Gold ribbon

· Pliers

How to make wreath

  1. Open out the wire coat hanger and form it into a circular shape.
  2. Add the baubles to the coat hanger until it is full, leaving some of the wire sticking out.
  3. Make sure the baubles are packed tightly together.
  4. Use the pliers to twist the hanger back together.
  5. Bend the wire underneath to hide it.
  6. Cut a length of ribbon and make a bow cover up where the wire is joined
  7. Your wreath is now ready to hang up

Check out Kildare Libraries Facebook and Blog pages to keep up to date with ideas, activities and classes taking place online to help to promote well-being and positive mental health.

Visit Kildare County Council’s Keep Well Page and for advice, ideas and support to help you to #KeepWell


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