Easy Sewing project – Farmhouse Apron.

By Ann, Athy Library

Everyday versatile apron, no ties, no belts.. It’s just a bunch of rectangles.. If you can sew a straight line .. this project is for you!

Materials Needed
● 1 meter Material, cotton heavy cotton, linen
or whatever you have available.
● Thread to match, Cutting mat, Rotary Cutter,
Measuring Tape, Pins, Scissors and a sewing

Lay out your material on your cutting mat. I find if you fold your 1 meter material vertically,
you can cut your Apron Body on the fold.. Then your pockets can be cut from the
material to the right of your Apron Body. The pockets can be cut from the material
under the Apron Body piece. Unfold your meter after you cut the Apron Body, then continue to cut out the remaining pieces

Your going to need for the:
Main Body: 43” Wide , 34” Long Two
Pockets: 2 Pieces 9” Wide X 20” Long (Hip
One Chest Pocket: 7” Wide X 14” Long
Two Straps: 7” Wide X 22” Long

How to Sew your Farmhouse Apron.Fold one ½” hem around the edge of the body of the apron and iron it into
place. Then do it once more. Take your Apron Body to the sewing
machine and stitch around as close to the edge as possible.

1.Next the Pockets and Straps
The dotted lines in Figs above indicate a fold line.
2.Fold the pockets in half, right sides in, along the dotted line in Fig 2. (right
side together.)
3.Fold the straps in half lengthwise, right sides in, along the dotted line in
Fig. 3.
4.Now sew these ⅝” from the edge of the fabric leaving an opening at the
bottom so you can turn right side out. Repeat this for both straps and
5.When this is complete turn right sides out and iron nice and flat. Fold in
the openings nice and neat. Don’t sew the gap yet!.

Attaching the Pocket.
1.Place the Pockets on the body of the Farmhouse Apron as shown in the diagram below.
Side pockets are placed 8 ½ “ from the TOP of the apron, and 5”from the edge of the apron. 2.Pin them into place.
3.The chest pocket is centered on the apron and placed 2 ½” from the top. Pin into place.
Placing the pockets on the Apron Body.
4.Sew the pockets on, machine as close to the edge as possible (sides & bottom). You can use a zigzag stitch if you like.

How to Attach the Apron Straps.
1.The Apron Straps are placed 4” apart at the top center of the
apron (you can use a pin to mark the center of the apron and
measure 2” either side of it to place the straps. 2.Sew them into place. 3.To attach your straps to the back of your apron, lay your apron right-side facing down on your cutting mat with the straps above. 4.Fold the right hand side of your apron over, just past the center.
5.Take the Left Strap and Pin it to the inside edge. (right Apron side left strap).
6.Fold over the Left Side of the aron and pin the Right strap into the corner. Do Not twist the Straps as you do this. Sew the straps into place.
7.Trim off all those loose threads and give your apron a final iron


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