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Upcoming Literary Festivals

By Elaine Patterson

Branch: Newbridge Headquarters

Despite what a strange year it is been with the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the globe, many of our literary festivals are not letting it stop them from going ahead. And indeed, why should we let Covid 19 rob us of all our fun and enjoyment of celebrating the written word? So, although some festivals have postponed until next year, these festivals below are going ahead, just in a different way.

Kildare Reader’s Festival

Kildare Reader’s Festival will run from 12th to 18th October, with all events being free online with no registration required. More information about this year’s programme of discussions and talks can be found here.

Red Line Book Festival

This festival takes place in South Dublin from the 12th to the 18th October and will be a mixture of online and offline events. The events, all of which need to be booked beforehand, will feature writing workshops, readings, author visits and talks and literary discussions. More information about the festival’s programme can be found on its website.

Dublin Book Festival

This year Dublin Book Festival has over 40 online various types of events, starting on the 27th November to 2nd December. Most of the events are free, but registration is required and events can be booked through the festival’s website.

International Literature Festival Dublin

This festival starts on the 22nd to 28th October. Booking is required for all events, many of which are free, although donations are welcome. Events range from literary awards to conversations with authors for all ages. More information about individual events and the festival can be found here.

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