Book reviews and recommendations, Young Adult 12-15

Cirque Du Freak/ The Saga of Darren Shan

Author: Darren Shan

Genre: Teen

Reviewed by: Aoife Kerr

Branch: Leixlip Library

Cirque Du Freak is the frightening saga of a young boy whose visit to a mysterious freak show leads him on a journey into a dark world of vampires. Filled with grotesque creatures, murderous vampires and a petrifying ending, Cirque Du Freak will chill, thrill, and leave readers begging for more.

This is one of those series that is perfect for teens who have just started to get into horror. It is a well written series, with amazing characters and a story that makes you want to read more. Darren Shan is an amazing writer; this is one of those series that it is always a pleasure to go back and re-read. I also love the fact that the main character has the same name as the author, which is pretty cool. It is definitely worth a read. One of my favourite things about this series is that it also a quick and easy read, which is handy if you want something light to read but dark and twisty. I cannot recommend it enough. I do hope you enjoy it.

Available to request online from your local library here or make an appointment to visit your library here.

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