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A Series of Unfortunate Events

Author: Lemony Snicket

Genre: Children’s Fiction

Reviewed by: Aoife Kerr, Leixlip Library

Dear reader, I’m sorry to say that the book you are currently holding in your hands is extremely unpleasant. It tells an unhappy tale about three very unlucky children. Even though they are charming and clever, the Baudelaire siblings lead lives filled with misery and woe. From the very first page, when the children are the best the beach and receive terrible news, continuing on throughout the entire story, disaster lurks at their heels. One might say they are magnets for misfortune. It is my sad duty to write down these unpleasant tales, but there is nothing stopping you from putting this series down at once and reading something happy, if you prefer that sort of thing. With all due respect, Lemony Snicket.

This is such an amazing series that everyone will love. One of the cool things about this series is that it really doesn’t look down on the children. For example, Snicket will explain what a word will mean but then say something like I know you know what this means. Or an adult will explain something and they will be like I know that. Or the children will see something the adults won’t and the adults will dismiss them. It recognizes that children see a lot more than a lot of adults give them credit for. It is a wonderful series, if a little depressing at times, but it is definitely worth reading.

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