Adult Non-fiction, Book reviews and recommendations


Author: Daniella Moyles

Genre: Adult Non-Fiction/ Biography

Review by: Emma, Leixlip Library



Jump is a memoir about growing up, burning out, bad decisions, reckless adventures, love and loss. It’s about what happens when you let go of everything you think you need and are confronted by who you really are – and how on the other side of this confrontation lies true contentment.


I will be the first to put my hand up and say I am not at all keen on biographies. I found this book floating around on many social media accounts and out of curiosity decided to give it a shot. It turns out this was one of the very few biographies I actually liked. I found it to be very honest and touching at points but yet it was still easy to read through. The book provides a very raw and honest insight into the struggles of Daniella’s life. I loved that she stripped herself bare and took ownership over her own life issues. She explains her feelings in such a relatable manner whilst never feeling sorry for herself. It very much highlights the importance of self reflection and acceptance in order to move forward in life and deals with a range of very topical issues for example the importance of mental health, social pressure, anxiety, overcoming fear, and real life. For a book genre I am not very fond of I found I could not put this book down and I would urge anyone suffering from anxiety, burnout or other mental health issues prevalent in our online/fast paced culture today to read it.

Find it here available to order for collection at your local library.

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