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A Lost Child of Cyprus

Author: Steven Baker                                  

Genre: Historical fiction.                              

Reviewed by Elaine Patterson, Newbridge Branch/Headquarters               

Age Range: Adult


Born into loving family in Famagusta, Yasmin is caught up in the violence that rips her community apart. In the chaos that follows, baby Yasmin is separated from her family, never to see them again. Adopted, she is raised by a stern stepmother who believes in discipline before love, and duty before fun.

Escaping strife riven Cyprus in the 70s, Yasmin travels to England where she hopes for a new life. But what will life in England bring? And can she reconcile herself to her Cypriot history? And can she find the love she craves?

A Lost Child of Cyprus is the story of how the human spirit endures. Just as the island of Cyprus itself has seen conflict and hardship over time, so Yasmin’s story mirrors that of her island home in this sweeping tale of hope, loss and love.

Review: This is a moving and tender story of an orphan and the impact of war in 1960s Cyprus on her life. Sensitive and profound, this book deals with themes of loss, love and hope in a young woman’s life. Despite being less than 200 pages in length, this book quietly packs a powerful punch. The book can be found as an ebook on Bolinda Borrowbox.

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