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Who I Am

Author: Pete Townshend

Reviewed by: Brian, Athy Library

Pete Townshend is one of the most influential musicians in the history of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Coming from a musical family and inspired by ground-breaking new acts like the Everly Brothers and Bill Halley, Townshend, along with Roger Daltrey, John Entwhistle and Keith Moon formed The Who in the mid-sixties. They quickly became one of the most high-profile bands of their generation. Townshend, with his famous windmill-like guitar playing style was the chief guitarist, lyricist and musical innovator. However, this is not a book of celebrity success and excess; it’s much more personal than that. Townshend’s own struggles are laid bare. The sheer hard work and paltry remuneration of the early years are vividly conveyed. His drive and perfectionism when it came to creative innovation resulted at times in an almost tortured existence. Behind this all was his awareness of having been sexually-abused as a child. Much of the book tells of his struggles to deal with this and his, frequently unsuccessful, efforts to help other victims. Despite often seeming like his own worst enemy, this very honest book paints a portrait of a person who for many will always be a legend.

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