Adult Non-fiction, Book reviews and recommendations

The Skin Nerd

Author: Jennifer Rock

Genre: Non Fiction – Teens and up

Review by: Emma, Leixlip library



‘The skin is an organ and should be respected accordingly.’

This is the mantra of award-winning skincare expert Jennifer Rock, also known as The Skin Nerd. We should feed our skin, shield it, and give it all the care and attention it needs – and deserves. in her first book, Jennifer shares all the passion, knowledge and expertise she has gathered over her extensive career to bring you the essential guide to healthy skin.

Written in Jennifer’s unique brand of humour and honesty, with nerd-isms galore, this book is jam-packed with ‘skinformation’ and advice to educate you about your skin needs at every stage of your life.

It includes The 10 Skin Nerd Commandments, advice on anti-ageing, acne and other skin conditions, the benefits of a refreshing Spritz O’Clock, which skingredients to look out for (and which to avoid), and how your diet affects the body’s largest organ. The Skin Nerd will teach you a holistic approach to looking after your skin inside and out, and give you the confidence to achieve glowing, healthy skin.


In a world where we are constantly reminded to look after our mental health, eat well and to get our eight hours sleep sometimes important things like skincare slip through the cracks. While we will often hear warnings to put on sun cream in the summer and we have all heard about UVA and UVB rays – did you know we should be wearing sun cream every day even in winter?! I didn’t not until I read this brilliant book by Jennifer Rock. It is very rare for me to rave about a Non-Fiction book or call something a must have but I am going to label this book, one of those times. I have learned so much about my own skin while reading this book and have completely overhauled my beauty regime and have quit spending money on things I thought were supposed to be good for my skin but actually, only made things worse for me.

In this book Jennifer goes through the science of skin and breaks it down into manageable and easily understandable chucks while remaining personable as an author. Not only that but she provides real advice on anti-aging, acne and other skin issues or problems that we all deal with on a daily basis. Jennifer also talks about why you have to drink water, how eating the right foods benefit your skin and how supplements can help too. I was blown away by how informative this book has been and not only that have been utterly impressed by the results in my own skin I have achieved by implementing some of the simple suggestions Jennifer makes in her book.

The Skin Nerd is available to request to borrow from your local library just give us a call or put in a request for this title on your next visit.

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