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Haven’t They Grown

Author: Sophie Hannah

Review By: Kevin, Castledermot Library

We often wonder how people we knew have changed over the years, this is something that Beth Leeson thought as she “got lost” on her way to her sons league game.  Years have passes since she and her husband Dom lost contact with Lewis and Flora Braid but now she has a chance to see her friends.  Watching from her car, she sees Flora entering the large expensive mansion that she and Lewis own but what takes Beth’s breath away is that even after twelve years; Thomas and Emily Braid are still the same, not teenagers like her own kids but still children, they haven’t grown up!

Beth sets out to discover what has happened to Flora and her family during the twelve years apart, even if this means that her own family life and work life starts to suffer.  Can she get to the bottom of this and prove to those around her that she is not going crazy and what she saw was real. If you read only one book this year, make sure Haven’t They Grown by Sophie Hannah is the book that you go out of your way to read!!!      

Check out more Sophie Hannah ebooks on Bolinda Borrowbox here.  Or if you’d like to read Haven’t They Grown be sure to contact your local Kildare library   to order a copy via our contact and collect service.

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