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Final Betrayal

Author: Patricia Gibney

Review by: Kevin Berney, Castledermot Library

When Conor Dowling is released after a 10 year sentence for a crime which he swears he didn’t commit, he just wants to to put that part of his life.  Yet, he is the prime suspect when Amy Whyte goes missing and D.I. Lottie Parker and her team are given the job to find her.  But when Amy and her friend are found murdered all fingers point to Conor as Amy gave states evidence in Conor’s court case.  Things go from bad to worse for both Conor and Lottie as another girl who testified against him also is found murdered and Lottie’s past comes back to haunt her every move from the shadows as she tries to unravel the murders.   This is a fast paced, page turning novel which pulls the reader along with Lottie and the team. Yet, some of the leading characters past actions from the rest of the series continues in book six and unless you have read the previous books, it may be a bit confusing.  Otherwise, an excellent read. 

Available to borrow from Kildare Libraries be sure to call your local branch to order this book for Contact and Collect.

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