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Chicken Soup For The Soul: Think Positive, Live Happy

Author: Deborah Norville and Amy Newmark

Reviewed by: Aoife, Newbridge library

This book is part of the hugely successful Chicken Soup For The Soul series. The series started in 1993, created by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. Since 2008, the brand has been in the caring, capable hands of Amy Newmark. Several Chicken Soup For The Soul titles are published each year. One of my ambitions is to read every single one of the books; I have read 28 of them so far. This one is just as good as the rest of them. A couple of the stories that stood out for me were:

The Doctor Is In by Donna L. Roberts – as a young girl, Donna was drawn to becoming a psychologist. Her inspiration? Lucy Van Pelt and her psychiatric help stand from the Peanuts comic strip. I love the Peanuts comic strips, by Charles M. Schultz, so I really enjoyed this story.

Halloween Heroes by Diane St. Laurent – the story of how Diane’s three daughters (twins aged five and a one year old) were surprised by Halloween treats, when she was coping with post-ovarian cancer treatment.

There are 99 other stories (each Chicken Soup book has 101 stories) of hope, persistence and strength. If you like true inspirational stories, you’ll love this book.

Available on to borrow on BorrowBox as an ebook.

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