Arts & Crafts

5 Fun Activities for Big and Little Children

By Aideen Kerr

It’s a difficult time for everyone right now, but it’s especially tough on those who are either home alone, or those trying to juggle working from home with minding children. I’ve put together a list of fun activities for people of all ages, big kids like myself, and little kids who are restless. If you’re bored and you feel like a craft
day then why not try paper crafting or make your own wand and cast some spells? Hopefully these activities will keep little ones occupied so you can have a breather.

Harry Potter Potions Class

Children of all ages love creating a Harry Potter Potions Class even if they’re too young to have read the books. All you need is a few ingredients and a bit of imagination. I ran this event in the library and it’s very popular with all ages. Grab some raisins – these can be your squashed flies, some coloured shampoo or shower gel to add colourful ingredients, some grass or weeds which can be Gillyweed and some flour – this is crushed unicorn dust. Now you need to write up a few potion spells so you know what you’re making. Children
will love mixing everything together. Why not make Confusing Concoction or Draught of Living Death?! You can see some Harry Potter spells here.

Paper Crafting: Make a Tree

I love paper crafting and so did my junior book club when they were in the library for a special craft session. All you need is a disused or damaged book and you’re ready to go! Watch my video and follow the steps to make a beautiful paper tree. Then decorate it with stickers, glitter or coloured string.

Harry Potter Wand Making

Children of all ages will love this activity and they can integrate their wand into their favourite stories afterwards. All you need to make Harry Potter wands are a few long sticks and some paper and glue. The long sticks are going to be your magical wands. If you have any stickers, coloured string or shoelaces then these can be used to decorate the wands. Grab some glitter, coloured paper and pritt stick and you’re away. Let the mayhem begin. Don’t forget to learn some Harry Potter spells here with your new wands. “Accio wand!”

Snow Globes

There’s no better way to recycle glass jars or plastic cups than making a snow globe. Just turn these upside down and seal the bottom with cardboard and glue. These are your snow globes! Before you seal them use small figurines from Christmas decorations or small toys to go into your snow globe. A small tree and grass can be stuck onto a piece of cardboard which will be the base of the globe. Add in coloured paper in strips and stick these from the top of the jar or cup and add glitter to create the snow globe effect. Flour or talcum powder will give the appearance of snow!

Rocket Making

Do you have any recyclable plastic bottles lying around? These will be your rockets for this activity! If you have white paint you can paint the outside of the bottles and leave them overnight to dry, otherwise you can wrap your bottle in white paper. Simply cut out a circular cone shape for the top of the rocket and stick onto the top
of the bottle. Cut out two triangles and stick one on each side of the bottom of the rocket – these help with lift off! If you have crayons, pencils, or markers then you can start decorating your masterpiece. Coloured paper cut into strips and coloured shapes also look great stuck onto the rockets. Use anything you can find to decorate your rockets and don’t forget the paper aliens!

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