Biodiversity Day with Nikita Coulter

Happy Biodiversity Day! As you may have seen, we’ve had some great content on our Facebook page this week celebrating biodiversity, with a series of videos by environmental scientist Nikita Coulter. We’ve learned all about the climate and different eco-systems, with Nikita showing us how to identify different plants and animals.

Originally, we had planned for a series of five videos to go up on our Facebook page – Monday to Friday – with the last video to be shared today. Unfortunately, we’ve had some technical difficulties with our Facebook page and haven’t been able to post most of our scheduled content this week. We still haven’t been able to fix the problem yet, but we decided that, in order to celebrate Biodiversity Day, we’d post all of Nikita’s fascinating videos right here on our blog!

If you’ve enjoyed Nikita’s videos and have questions or observations on any of the topics, be sure to leave a comment and Nikita will address this is in a very special Q&A video which will post on Friday 29th May at 11am.

  1. Biodiversity and Climate

In the first of this week’s five videos environmental scientist Nikita Coulter explains the nature of what Biodiversity and Climate actually are and explores how they are connected to each other.

2. Identifying Biodiversity – Eco-systems, Plants & Animals

In our second video, Nikita takes a look at some of Ireland’s ecosystems and how to identify different plants and animals. She also shows us how to make seed pots from old toilet roll tubes.

3. Weather and the Climate

In video three, Nikita discusses what weather is and why it changes. She also explains the difference between weather and climate. The video finishes with Nikita demonstrating how to make a weather vane from regular household items.

4. The Importance of Biodiversity and the Climate

In this video, Nikita looks at why biodiversity and a stable climate are important. She also examines past and present impacts of human activities on biodiversity and the climate including energy flows and use, water use, agriculture, fishing and pollution.

5. International Biodiversity Day

In line with the theme for this year’s International Day for Biological Diversity, which is “Our Solutions are in Nature”, this video will look at what we need to do to protect biodiversity and the climate. It will look at solutions that are already being implemented and other courses of action that need to be taken in the near and distant future.

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