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Author: Elton John

Review by: Dolores Mee,

Like a lot of people, I was vaguely familiar with the public persona of Elton John; his illustrious music career, countless accolades and of course, his infamous temper. Born Reg Dwight in Pinner, Middlesex, his upbringing by two deeply unhappy and emotionally cold parents drove him to constantly strive for approval that would never come. Although classically trained, he soon turned his musical gifts to his true love rock & roll, and a chance introduction to lyricist Bernie Taupin led to one of the most successful songwriting partnerships of all time.

Their success was sudden and far-reaching. Elton, still coming to grips with both newfound fame and his sexuality, became so addicted to cocaine that it reigned over his life for the next 16 years. He is searingly honest about his wild party days, his disastrous personal relationships, losing close friends to AIDS, his cancer scares and his fight to get sober. I listened to this on audio through BorrowBox, and Taron Edgerton who played Elton in his biopic Rocketman is a wonderful narrator. Elton’s storytelling is highly witty and even the most heartbreaking scenes are undercut with humour and self-deprecation.

I’ve read quite a few celebrity autobiographies, or rather listened to them, and this is the most entertaining one so far. If you’re new to audiobooks, you may find non-fiction easier to start with, as it can be similar to listening to a podcast or radio show. Why not give one a try on BorrowBox? Me is available to borrow as an ebook or audiobook on Bolinda Borrowbox.

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