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A Pinch Of Magic

Author: Michelle Harrison

Reviewed by: Aisling Kelly, Maynooth Library

Betty Widdershins and her two sisters Fliss & Charlie live
in Crowstone, a bleak and oppressive Island surrounded by marshes, grey skies and muddy waters. They live with their cranky grandmother at their family owned pub “The
Poachers Pocket”. Betty is determined that there is more
to the world than Crowstone and is desperate for adventure.

After an unsuccessful attempt to escape the island, the three sisters learn of an ancient family curse which forbids them to ever leave Crowstone or they shall die by sunrise. On the same night each of the sisters inherit a magical heirloom and Betty is convinced that this will help her to break the curse.

A compelling story of witchcraft, adventure and danger, the three girls find themselves on a quest for survival and freedom. Betty, Fliss & Charlie are full of courage and determination but it is the powerful bond of sisterly love and loyalty which drives them forward in the race against time.

This title is available to borrow form Bolinda Borrowbox in both ebook and audiobook format.

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