Adult Non-fiction

The Volunteer

Author: Jack Fairweather

Genre: Adult Non-fiction

Reviewed by: Ann

This is the unbelievable true story of one Witold Pilecki, a Polish underground operative during WWII.  The story is unbelievable because the usual narrative is of people trying to escape the horrors of Auschwitz, where this man not only broke into Auschwitz but survived its barbarity.

This to me is a story of a real heroism. He was tasked with reporting on Nazi crimes, to raise a secret army and stage an uprising. Over two and a half years, he organized an underground resistance within Auschwitz that sabotaged facilities, he gathered evidence of horrors and abuse and mass murder.  He risked his life, his family and his friends to warn the West before all was lost.

He gathered information on Nazi plans to exterminate Europe’s Jews.  The story, gripping in its detail but also, I saw a man who was a rare human among humans, who risked everything in his attempt to change the course of history.  I have to be honest and say there was a lump in my throat when I finally finished the book.

Read this amazing story of Witold Pilecki, a hero like no other.

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