Adult Non-fiction


Author: Tara Westover

Genre: Adult Non-Fiction

Reviewed by: Ann , Athy Library

This is a difficult read, not because of the language but because of the content. It’s actually impossible to put down because you have to get to the end to see how Tara Westover’s story finds its culmination.  

This is a memoir of an extraordinary tale. From a mountain in Idaho, populated by a family straight out of one of those weird, religious fanatics, gun hoarding, food stocking, end of days movies, only it’s true!

Managing to stay of the radar, her father didn’t register births, send his children to school, they had no medical attention when they needed it. Surviving horrendous accidents, her mother’s knowledge of herbs and tinctures are used to treat everything from the slightest scrape to horrible head injury or burns. Bad things happen because it is the will of the Lord!

How did Tara go from this existence to getting a college degree? Again, this is not an easy read and I was left quite uneasy when I finished it. Would I read it again? Hmmm!! Definitely not for the faint hearted!

Available on Bolinda Borrowbox in e-book & audiobook format

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