Adult Non-fiction, Book reviews and recommendations

How to Fail

Author: Elizabeth Day

Genre: Adult Non-Fiction

Reviewed by: Orla

Nobody’s life is perfect. Everybody is bound to slip up and make mistakes now and again. Having established failure is inevitable Elizabeth gives you the tools of how to analyse your failures and how to move forward. Some of her failures are similar to most. Her timeline spans from being a timid teenager to the strong person she is today.

I’ve really connected with this book. The author is only a few years older than me and I could relate to most of the things she has gone through in life… being socially awkward and finding it hard to fit in as a teenager… being lost in my early twenties and wishing for time to fast forward… looking for validation from others to mark my worth… being a writer and scared of criticism.. 

 She also talks about her heartache after suffering a few miscarriages. She points out we sometimes have to compromise and realise you are not going to get everything you wish for in life. She shows gratitude for all the good blessings and has grown as a person having gone through blips and failures. She is not so insecure anymore and is comfortable in her own skin. Honest, sharp and clever this is one of the best memoirs with life lessons I’ve ever read. Highly recommend this book.

If you enjoy this book check out or reserve Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway by Susan Jeffers on Borrowbox

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